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News from Axela Medical Supplies as well as the Health Care Industry
Fall 2016: Biggest Month Ever!
    We just ended our biggest month yet, and celebrated by adding over 100 new styles of diabetic/therapeutic footwear by Propet, & Orthofeet. We have also updated our Palo Medical aPallo items to reflect latest models. Thank you for your continued support!
February 2016: New Styles Added!
    This month we have already added over 300 additional pairs of diabetic footwear to our website brining the total close to 1000! We are continuing to add new brands daily and have hopes of adding another thousand shoes by years end. We are always open to suggestions for new styles and brands to add!
January 2016: Off and Running!
    We picked up some wonderful product lines to close out 2015 which included: P.W. MinorDr. Zen Diabetic Shoes. These add to a growing list of quality diabetic shoe brands we have chose to offer. Please contact us with any questions regarding these dynamic footwear brands.
November 30, 2015: Cyber Monday Biggest Yet!
    Would like to say thank you to all of our 2,000+ customers who took advantage of our Cyber Monday Special! Happy Holidays to all, and please keep in mind those less fortunate!
August 13, 2014: Been A Fabulous Summer!
    Our business has grown steadily this year, and we remain committed to offering more quality medical products at the best prices to our wonderful customers. We have recently formed a partnership to offer Drew Shoes. Drew Shoe Corporation is one of the oldest brands of Diabetic and Therapeutic Footwear. Please call us for further information.
May 28, 2014: Proud to add Two New Brands!
    This month we welcome Lamo Footwear, and Activox to our quickly growing catalog of products. Lamo offers Sheepskin Boots, Moccasins, and Slippers. Activox is a unique Portable Oxygen Concentrator offering a lightweight unit with a long lasting battery pack.
April 17, 2014: Sugar Free Sox Added!
    Adding to our extensive line of diabetic socks, we are thrilled to add Sugar Free Sox! Sugar Free Sox is the premier health sock brand supplying comfort to those in need and protecting healthy legs by increasing circulation and avoiding the sock ring imprint.
April 15, 2014: Better Business Bureau Accredited Business!
    Today we proudly have become a BBB accredited business which indicates our commitment to high ethical standards of business and advertising practices. Please check out our profile on the Better Business Bureau website.
April 3, 2014: Toe Warmers Boots Added!
    We are pleased to offer Toe Warmers boots to our lineup of footwear today. This Canadian brand has a loyal following due to they're extremely comfortable footwear. All available with Free Shipping.
March 2014: Our Biggest Month EVER!
    This months been our biggest by far, and we attribute recent success to the many new brands we have added and our loyal return customers. Thank you very much for making Axela Medical your source of Medical Supplies & Diabetic Footwear!
March 12, 2014: IntimateRider Products Added!
    Today we added the IntimateRider Intimacy Enhancement Products to our website. IntimateRider products are designed to enhance sexual mobility for couples who refuse to let physical challenges get in the way.
March 6, 2014: EcoSox Diabetic & Compression Socks Added!
    We proudly have partnered with EcoSox today to offer they're Diabetic and Compression socks which are made of Viscose from Bamboo. Please take advantage of these wonderful socks available with free shipping.
February 17, 2014: Circadiance CPAP Masks Added!
    Adding to our extensive line of CPAP Masks, we are pleased offer an alternative to the traditional "plastic" masks. Circadiance offers the first-ever non-allergenic, breathable cloth interface. All masks are available free of shipping charges!
January 22, 2014: 3B Medical Products Added!
    Today we have announced a partnership with 3B Medical allowing us to sell they're advanced yet affordable RESmart CPAP Machine and the incredibly comfortable Willow Nasal Pillows Mask. Available obviously with free shipping!
January 20, 2014: DonJoy Orthopedic Products Added!
    The remarkable story of a former football player who began manufacturing orthopedic products has given us a global leader in DonJoy. Today we are pleased to offer all of the DonJoy orthopedic products available with Free Shipping! 
December 31, 2013: Happy New Year!!
    Happy new year from all of us at Axela Medical. We have been fortunate to grow our business in this difficult climate by continuing to offer the best prices on quality medical products. It has been our pleasure working with our wonderful customers and friends in 2013, and we look forward to continued growth in 2014!
December 27, 2013: Clinic Extra Diabetic Boots Added!
    Sure we have nearly a thousand different diabetic shoes for sale, but due to customer request we have finally found a wonderful supplier of Diabetic Coded Boots! Please read more about the Clinic Extra Womens Diabetic Boots available from Axela with free shipping!
December 25, 2013: Merry Christmas!
    Would just like to wish all of our friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please always keep in mind those less fortunate during this wonderful season. Axela Medical makes yearly donations to numerous charitable organizations and foundations, and encourage others to do the same. Thank you!
December 20, 2013: Foot Comfort Diabetic Socks Added!
    The freight train continues to roll on. We are proud to become a distributor for the Foot Comfort line of Diabetic Socks. Understanding the increasing need for diabetic supplies, we are fortunate to have partnered with one of the leaders in the diabetic sock market.
December 10, 2013: OrthoSleeve Products Added!
    We have recently added OrthoSleeve Compression therapy products. The OrthoSleeve Compression Sleeves combine medical grade orthopedic support with patent pending Compression Zone Technology to provide pain relief and preventative support for those suffering with venous insufficiency, calf cramps, Achilles tendinitis, and shin splints. 
December 13, 2013: Captive Technologies Products Added!
    Captive Technologies is the latest line of products to be added to Axela Medical. Captive makes a variety of different O2 products including they're Tidy Tubing, O2Talon, and they're popular Bluetooth Nasal Cannula. We are proud to enter into a partnership with this innovative manufacturer.
December 10, 2013: Social Media Campaigns Launched!
    We have been on Facebook for a few years but have recently made a decision to have our page professionally updated to more accurately reflect our business intentions. We would like to say thank you to the team from Chris Rinaldi Creative for they're wonderful work in helping us create a professional facebook page we are proud of.
November 26, 2013: Website Facelift Complete!
    Our website has recently been upgraded to give it a fresh look for the holidays. We have also taken an aggressive approach towards growth in 2014 by reinvesting our resources. Axela Medical has experienced solid growth throughout 2013 and we plan on capitalizing further in 2014. Please keep in touch with us as business is changing rapidly.. For the better!
November 7, 2013: Hans Rudolph Quick Release Headgear Added!
    Hans Rudolph is known for they're ultra comfortable CPAP Masks and Headgear, and we have recently added they're Quick-Release Headgear for use with the 7600 Series Masks. The Quick-Release headgear for the 7600 Masks is offered in Large and Small Sizes.
November 6, 2013: New Zep Meter Mist Flavors Added!
    We have recently added to our complete line of Zep Meter Mist Aerosol products three new scents: LemonMango & Powder Fresh. Each aerosol treats 6,000 cubic feet of closed air space with 3,000 sprays for approximately 30-day coverage.
October 22, 2013: Website Updates in progress!
    Axela Medical will be upgrading and updating our website making it more user friendly and visually appealing over the next few weeks. Some new features include: easier navigation, dropdown menus, and a cleaner layout for search products. Please be patient with us..
October 9, 2013: EZ-Access Ramps Added!
    We have just signed up to become a distributor for the Only name in access ramps.. EZ-Access makes all of they're high quality ramps from aluminum which adds stability and cuts down on weight. Please feel free to contact us at any time.
October 2, 2013: Dr. Comfort Diabetic Footwear Added!
    The largest brand of diabetic footwear has partnered up with Axela Medical to bring they're wonderful line of diabetic footwear to the market. As always we are selling the Dr. Comfort line for the LOWEST price allowable or they're Minimum Advertised Price. Please feel free to call or email us regarding this wonderful brand or to have a catalog sent.
September 2013: What have we been up to?? ALOT
    We spent the summer months traveling and meeting with many of our wonderful customers to find out more about they're medical needs.. An overwhelming amount of people wanted us to focus more on new to market products which improved daily living. So this is exactly what we have done. We are currently in the process of forming new partnerships with many new companies. Some of these companies include: CaneTube, Aquabilt, Aircast, and Therion Magnetics. We have also added more styles to our popular Xelero brand of Rock Steady footwear. With many more products to be added over the next few months.. Please keep in touch with Axela Medical.
Summer 2013: Health Care Reform..
    There is a lot changing with healthcare in the United States, and we have certainly seen the effects in the medical equipment industry. We are lucky to be somewhat insulated from the effects of these changes because we currently do not accept insurance. We have seen business increase substantially over the last few months, as other companies are making changes to stay competitive. We have ALWAYS been competitive and price driven which has put us in a good position to move forward for years to come.
January 2013: Off and Running!
    After our most successful year in business, we have started 2013 strong. We have hundreds of new products waiting to be added, and will continue to do our best to help customers in need. We also would like to announce the launch of our partner website Diabetic Shoe Solutions. This website was launched after we saw a solid opportunity in the medical footwear market. We currently have nearly 500 pairs of diabetic shoes listed, with nearly a thousand more to be added over the next few months. Please take advantage of free shipping from Diabetic Shoe Solutions on all orders! 
October 2012: Our Biggest Month EVER!
    For some reason October always ends up being a big month for medical supplies. We are very thankful to our customers for helping make this our biggest single month ever! To show our appreciation, we have added numerous items to our clearance/monthly specials section. We are also using Email Marketing to keep customers up to date on promotial specials. Please take advantage of drastically discounted medical supplies and diabetic shoes. We are working with manufacturers to help them get rid of old styles which have been discontinued. Thanks again and Happy Halloween!
September 2012: OrthoFeet Insoles Added!
    Also new for September are the OrthoFeet Shoe Inserts. We have added the following popular styles in all sizes: Bio-Fit Sport, BioSole-Gel Soft, BioSole-Gel Sport, BioSole-Gel Thin-Line, Ortho-Step. All insoles & arch supports are offered with Flat Rate Shipping.    
September 2012: New Xelero Hyperion WR Mid Added!
    We are pleased to offer the brand new Xelero Hyperion WR Mid. Xelero’s patented Swiss Internal Rocker Technology provides the ultimate in motion control and stability. Xelero’s is the perfect shoe for runner’s suffering or recovering from Achilles tendonitis, calf or ankle stress, Morton’s toe, hair-line fractures of the forefoot, metatarsal neuroma’s, and other running overuse injuries. This new style is available in both a MensWomens Shoe in all standard sizes and widths. 
August 2012: Finally on Facebook!
    It only took us about five years to finally realize the importance of having a facebook page to keep in touch with our wonderful customers. Please keep in touch!
    We felt a compelling need here at Axela Medical to share with others what customers are saying. Please feel free to share your experience with us. If we have not met your expectations please let us know how we can improve!
    We have also added the LaserTouchOne Laser Pain Treatment System to our website. This combination of low level laser and micro-current electrical stimulation provides symptomatic relief of chronic, intractable pain, and is indicated for adjunctive treatment of post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain and for adjunctive use in providing temporary relief of minor chronic pain of musculoskeletal origin. The LaserTouchOne system is offered with FREE SHIPPING to customers in the Continental US!
July 2012: RollerFoot Knee Walker Added!
    After months of waiting for final realease of RollerFoots flagship product, we are happy to introduce they're hands free crutch. RollerFoot is the smallest, the lightest and the best looking knee walker available. Knee area is cushioned by a special shock absorbing gel and a neoprene liner for added comfort and cushion. The RollerFoot product is offered with FREE SHIPPING to customers in the Continental US!
June 2012: OrthoFeet Diabet Shoes Added!
    Orthofeet offers more styles of Diabetic Shoes than any other brand. We have recently added they're complete lineup of MensWomens Diabetic Shoes. All Shoes are offered with Free Shipping!
Spring 2012: New Xelero Shoes Added!
    We have recently added the Spring Lineup of new Xelero Rocker Shoes. New models include Mens: Modesto, HybridDavos & Hyperion. Womens Models include: Madera, Visalia, HybridHyperion & Davos. All Xelero Shoes are avaible with FREE SHIPPING!
November 15, 2011: Responsive Respiratory Products Added!
    Axela Medical now offers the complete lineup of products from Responsive Respiratory. Responsive Respiratory is an industry leader in Oxygen Conservers & Oxygen Regulators. All prodcuts from Responsive Respiratory are offered with Flat Rate UPS Shipping. If you do not see a product listed, please contact us.
November 4, 2011: DeVilbiss Healthcare Products Added!
    We have recently added DeVilbiss Healthcare Products to our website. DeVilbiss manufactures quality CPAP Masks, as well as they're popular Intellipap CPAP Machine. All DeVilbiss Healthcare Products are offered with FREE SHIPPING.
October 19, 2011: International Customers Welcomed!
    Due to a number of requests from international customers, we have recently setup operations to deliver medical supplies Worldwide. International customers are encouraged to call or email us at any time to make purchases. International shipping rates are based upon cheapest rate available at time of purchase. Most international orders are shipped out Express Mail with the USPS. Please feel free to use our Online Order Form to make purchases. Once form is completed, please email or fax to Axela Medical to complete your order.
September 23, 2011: TFI HealthCare Products Added!
    To continue the explosive month we've had, we were fortunate to find a supplier of American Made healthcare products. TFI HealthCare established in 1979 makes a variety of high quality durable medical products including: Folding Walkers, Rollators, Large Quad Base Canes, Commodes, Bath Benches, as well as Bed Rails. All TFI products are offered with Free Shipping!
September 22, 2011: Oasis Diabetic Footwear Added!
    Axela Medical now offers the COMPLETE line of Oasis Diabetic Shoes. We carry all of they're MensWomens lines in every size and width available. Oasis "Serenity for Feet". Please feel free to call us at any time with questions regarding your diabetic shoe purchase.
September 21, 2011: Site now features over 1500 Products!
    We are proud to announce that our website now boasts over 1500 products for purchase. Variations of these products bring the total products offered on Axela Medical Supplies to 7400! We are constantly adding new products. We encourage customers to recommend new products and manufacturers for us to distribute. Thank you for your support!
Summer 2011: Been a wonderful Summer.
    It has been a wonderful summer & we hope all of our customers know how much we appreciate the opportunity to earn they're business. We would like to once again thank all those who have helped us! We have many more products which will soon be added. Again, if you are in need of something you do not see on our website, please do not hesistate to call or email us at any time. Thanks again!
September 12, 2011: Shoe & Boot Valet Added!
    We were fortunate to be contacted recently by a new company with a wonderful new product. The Shoe & Boot Valet is a non-prescription, breakthrough device that represents a significant advance for people with difficulty putting on and taking off footwear due to limited or painful mobility. This wonderful addition to our website is offered with flat rate shipping of $9.95.
September 11, 2011: Tribute to World Trade Center Victims.
    Just wanted to reflect back on the day that changed America forever. We all remember exactly where we were, and we were all affected by these events. Americans however are resiliant, and we have grown stronger from this unfortunate moment. Rest In Peace all of the victims of the World Trade Center, we will NEVER FORGET. To this day we make it a point to always give a special discount to any customers who are, or were affiliated with NYPD, or FDNY. Thank you for your continued service! 
September 8, 2011: Inogen Portable Oxygen Concentrators Added!
    Knowing that portable oxygen concentrators are the way of the future, we have decided to ink a partnership with a Inogen to distribute they're One G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator. Inogens One G2 is a reliable & portable oxygen concentrator which only weighs 7.25lbs! Feel free to call us at any time with questions.
August 28, 2011: RespCare CPAP Masks Added!
    From the beginning our customers have been in search of a high quality, affortable CPAP mask. Well, we were fortunate to bein a partnership with RespCare. We currently offer they're entire line of CPAP masks which include: Sylent Nasal Mask, Hybrid, Bravo IINasal Aire IINasal Aire II Petite for children. All masks are offered with FREE SHIPPING!
June 17, 2011: 3-Point Products Braces & Splints Added!
    Axela Medical recently became a distributor for 3-Point Products, a 30 year old company offering affortable quality braces and splints for: Feet & Toe, Fingers, Scar Care, Thumb, as well as Wrist & Elbow.   
March 3, 2011: JOBST Medical LegWear Added!
    Our customers have requested Jobst from day one, so we are pleased to offer the comlete line of Jobst Compression Hosiery and Medical Legwear products. By the time we are finished, Axela Medical will have EVERY size, color, and compression variation listed for the entire line of Jobst Products including: ActiveWear, CasualWear, forMen, forMen Casual, Opaque, Relief, SensiFoot, UltraSheer, & Womens Trouser. We offer Jobst products for the lowest possible price with FREE SHIPPING!
January 17, 2011: Virus Zero Added!
    We were contacted recently by representatives from Virus Zero to become a distributor/reseller of they're new line of air sterilization products. The products are manufactured in a partnership with Samsung. Please check our our Virus Zero products, and email us with any questions.
January 1, 2011: Happy New Year!
    Looking forward to another GREAT year of helping customers improve they're lives with quality durable medical products. We are intent on keeping our customers happy, and healthy.
December 20, 2010: Purchase Orders Now Accepted!
    We recently began accepting Purchase Orders as an acceptable form of order processing. We understand that many larger institutions prefer to use PO's to order goods. We now accept purchase orders from reputable organizations. Please keep in mind that all purchase orders are subject to our approval.
December 15, 2010: Moen Home Care Added!
    We are pleased offer Moen Home Care products as part of our Bath Safety line of products. When you're looking after others or taking care of yourself, it's good to have Moen Home Care bath safety products to lean on. Our broad selection of quality products and accessories combine function, safety and style for reliable in-home security and comfort. Durable, ADA-compliant designs combine innovative function with a look that easily coordinates with the style of your bath. All Moen Home Care Products are offered with Flat Rate Shipping!
December 8, 2010: Been a GREAT Year!
    We are very thankful to all of our customers for they're continued support in helping us grow. Great partnerships with quality manufacturers is a big reason for our success. Just today we added a new suppliers: Hans Rudolph. Hans Randolph gives us yet another manufacturer of sleep apnea masks. We are thankful to all of our faithful customers and enjoy your holidays!
November 17, 2010: Discounted Shippnig Program Updated!
    We have recently upgraded our website to now process a combined shipping discount for multiple item purchases. In the past, our site would calculate shipping on a "per item" basis, meaning if the item you purchased had a shipping charge of $6.95, each additional item you purchased would cost $6.95 per item. We realized what a huge inconvenience this was, and decided to fix our software. The combined shipping discount is not available on all purchases, due to the fact that some items still need to be shipping individually. As always, feel free to contact us at any time if you feel your being overcharged for shipping and order.
October 22, 2010: Stander Home Care Safety Products Added!
    In attempts to expand our Home Care Safety Product line we have decided to enter into a partnership with Stander to distribute they're well trusted lineup of Bed Rails, Bath Grab Bars, Couch & Chair Assit products, and Travel Assist Products. We are thrilled to offer these products at minnimum advertised pricing. Enjoy!
October 13, 2010: Fisher & Paykel Sleep Apnea Masks Added!
    After receiving numerous phone calls and emails from our customers, we have decided to offer Sleep Apnea Masks. After researching reliable manufacturers, we proudly became authorized to sell the Fisher & Paykel sleep apnea masks. Fisher & Paykel offers reliable, high quality: Full Face Masks, Nasal Masks, Nasal Pillow Masks, as well as Oral Masks. We are proud to have added these wonderful products to meet our customers needs.
August 18, 2010: Battle Creek Equipment Products Added!
    A longtime industry professional has put us onto the wonderful Battle Creek Equipment product line which is now available. Battle Creek Equipment manufacturers the Hunter, Ice It!, and Thermophore product lines. We are very pleased to offer these products at the lowest possible prices with flat rate shipping nationwide. 
August 3, 2010: Pride Mobility Products Added!
    Due to local requests for mobility scooters and scooter lifts, we decided to contact Pride Mobilty regarding a possible partnership. We are please to announce that we now offer the complete line of Pride Mobility Products including: 3 or 4 Wheel Scooters, Vehicle Lifts and Ramps. We are also pleased to offer installation of the scooter lifts to Connecticut residents. Please contact us to find out more information. We hope to have all products listed by end of this week.
July 22, 2010: 1000 Plus Products
    Axela Medical Supplies website now has over 1000 different products available for purchase. We have hundreds, if not thousands more to be added over the next few months. Keep checking back for new products, and manufacturers. If you have a certain product you are looking for that you do not see, simply email us. We will make efforts to get whatever products you are in need of.
July 10, 2010: Monthly Specials & Clearance Items Added!
    We have finally built a "Monthly Specials" section to include all of our blowout specials on durable medical equipment and supplies. Most of the clearance products we are offering at a fraction of they're new pricing in an attempt to clear inventory. We also recently setup an Ebay user account to offer many of our orthopedic products for sale. Every item listed has a starting price of $2.25 to make sure these items sell for a great price. Check out seller id AxelaMedicalSupplies to view our auctions.
May 19, 2010: PCI Compliant & Xelero Shoes Added!
    We are proud to announce that our site has passed the new PCI compliance scan. The new regulations are designed to protect consumer information by limiting data held by internet merchants. Axela Medical uses to process transactions and retains no credit card information. We fully agree with the need for new standards to regulate the online commerce market. The days of hackers stealing vital payment information are coming to an end.
    Axela also added the new Xelero Rocksteady shoes to our product offerings today. These shoes employ new technology designed to work out leg muscles as you walk. The products are a welcome addition to our footwear products.
May 21, 2010: Essential Medical Supply Added!
    Axela is proud to announce the addition of Essential Medical to is list of manufacturers. Essential is a well known, quality brand for Durable Medical Equipment. We are pleased to offer they're complete product line with free shipping!
May 14, 2010: Minivator & Uplift Products Added!
    The Minivator Bath Bliss 311 is a high quality, well rated, user friendly quality bath lift which we are proud to offer at a competitive price. In addition to adding the Minivator to our product offerings, we also worked out a partnership with UpLift Technologies, a leading innovator in Light Therapy Products. Both companies are welcome additons to our expanded product line.
May 11, 2010: Website PCI Compliance
    Our website is in the process of being analyzed and altered to conform to the new PCI Compliance regulations which are in place for consumer safety. Our site should be compliant by months end and will boast a "PCI Compliant" badge on our front page to assure customers that they're transactions are safe and secure. 
May 05, 2010: Venosan Compression Hosiery Products Added!
    Venosan is one of the oldest and most trusted names when it comes to compression hosiery and medical stockings. We are very pleased to offer the complete lineup of Venosan products which include: Ultraline, Ultima, Venosan USA, Sliverline, Supportline, and Sportsline.
April 27, 2010: Venture Heat Therapy Products Added!
    Venture Heat Therapy Products have been added to the increasing list of manufacturers we offer. Axela Medical is proud to offer all of the Venture: Ankle Wrap, Neck Wrap, Back Wrap, Shoulder Wrap, Knee Wrap, and Wrist Wrap Products at competitive prices with flat rate shipping.
April 2010: 700 + Products Now Available
    We now have over 700 items available for sale on our new site with more products being added every week. Our goal is to have up to 10,000 items available from all major manufacturers.
April 2010: Simple Green Cleaning Products Added
    Recently we have added the Simple Green line of cleaning products and degreasers to give customers another option for both industrial cleaners as well as residential household products. We have covered all of the Simple Green products making it easy to locate those hard to find items.
March 2010: Zep Cleaning Products Added
    We have chosen Zep Manufacturing as our supplier for Cleaning Products, Disinfectants, and Lubricants to offer for sale to customers. We plan on offering up to 700 different Zep products by the time we are finished!
January 2010: New Website Launch
    Our brand new website has finally been completed and is now ready, and able to process orders using encrypted software provided by The site boasts thousands of products by established manufacturers. We are always looking to add new products to our website. If you dont see something you need, simply contact us, and we will do our best to meet your needs. As with any new website, please excuse any "unfinished" pages or spelling errors as we work out the kinks.
Thanks for visiting!

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