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Vive Hot Cold Massage Set AX3294

Targeted hot or cold temperature therapy Reduce muscle pain, soreness and inflammation Great for pre or post workout recovery Retains heat or cold for efficient massage 4 piece set 60 Day Guarantee

Price $19.99

Vive Hot  Cold Massage Set

SAFE AND EASY MASSAGE THERAPY Alleviates inflammation and sore muscles, relieves tension, and increases circulation RELIEVE TIRED ACHING FEET, SHOULDERS, & ARMS Ergonomically designed roller and balls target specific pain points on your body Woman using massage ball to massage her shoulder Middle age woman using massages her thigh with massager ball WARM OR COLD DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE Warm up in hot water or freeze overnight for targeted pain relief and muscle relaxation TRIGGER POINT MASSAGE RELIEF Two studded massage balls offer varied levels of firmness for massaging trigger points of pain Middle age woman using massage ball in her shoulder Middle age woman massage her barefoot with massager ball TEXTURED FOOT ROLLER Provides relief from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, edema and foot fatigue


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