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MedQuip MQ4100 Airial Single Lumen Oxygen Conserver AX2668

Brand New MQ4100 Airial Single Lumen Oxygen Conserver. This Airial Single Lumen Pneumatic Conserver provides the best combination of size, weight, and functionality. The quietest pneumatic conserver on the market. Manufacturer Part Number: MQ4100.

MedQuip MQ4100 Airial Single Lumen Oxygen Conserver

MedQuip MQ4100 Oxygen Conserver

This Airial Oxygen Conserver is the most accurate single lumen conserver available with a conserving ratio of 5.6:1. This pneumatic conserving device features “Whisper Quiet” technology making it the perfect solution for home or away. Our patented brass-core engineering makes it safe and reliable for years of dependable service.

- Conserving Regulator is a combined regulator and conserving device
- Switch between Continuous and Conserve mode by turning the knob
- Precision Grip Knob for ease of use
- Selectable outlet flow: 2-4 LPM continuous; 1-5 conserving setting
- 5.6:1 Conserving Ratio
- UL Approved 1.25 inch Gauge with Rubber Gauge Protector
- Click-Style flow control with 10 flow settings
- Pulse design provides "Whisper Quiet" Technology
- Compact Size 4.8”L x 1.8”W x 1.5”H
- Weight 12.9 oz
- Three Year Warranty
Sales Tax Applied if you are in Connecticut

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