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AirCast AirSelect Elite Walking Boot



Brand New AirCast AirSelect Elite Walking Boot. The Elite is the most-advanced walking boot, engineered to provide the ultimate in protection, comfort, and edema control. Manufacturer Part Number: 01EP-XS/S/M/L/XS. No Shipping Charge on all Aircast Orthopedic Products.

For more than 30 years, medical professionals worldwide have depended on Aircast for technological breakthroughs in patient care. Rooted in scientific methods, each Aircast product is developed using the concept of "functional management." Aircast set a new standard of care for sprains and other injuries with patented technology and the use of graduated pneumatic compression.

AirSelect Elite

The Elite is the most-advanced walking boot, engineered to provide the ultimate in protection, comfort, and edema control.
Stable fracture of foot/ankle/lower leg
Severe ankle sprain
Post-operative immobilization
Reduction of edema (swelling) 3x faster1.

The Elite has a durable, semi-rigid shell that helps support the limb while providing full-shell protection. Overlapping Duplex aircells line the shell providing intermittent pneumatic compression for 3x faster edema reduction1. The front panel is pre-inflated and combined with the overlapping aircells, provides a 'total contact' fit. SoftStrike technology absorbs and dissipates shock, while the light weight and lab-tested rocker sole combine to encourage a natural gait and a continuation of everyday activities.

Material Components
 Front Panel: High Density Polyethylene
 Straps: NYLON
 Lined Aircells (Anterior and Posterior): POLYURETHANE w/ POLYESTER FABRIC
 Inflation Pumps: TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane )
 Liner: NYLON/POLYURETHANE/POLYESTER (Outer/Foam/Inner mesh)
 Outer Sole / Insole: EVA/RUBBER
 Selector dial: NYLON

Ordering Information Shoe Size (US Sizing) Part Number  Men  Women   Size

    01EP-XS   Up to 4  Up to 5   X-Small
    01EP-S   4 - 7  5 - 8   Small
    01EP-M   7 - 10  8 - 11   Medium
    01EP-L  10 - 13  11 - 15   Large
    01EP-XL   13 +  15 +   X-Large

Product Specs
Size          Height of Brace           Mid-Footbed Width           Toe Footbed Width           Calf Width
XS  1        3.6" / 34.5cm               3.4" / 8.6cm                       3.8" / 9.7cm                       4.0" / 10.2cm
S              14.8" / 37.6cm               3.6" / 9.1cm                       4.2" / 10.7cm                   4.25" / 10.8cm
M              16.0" / 40.6cm               4.1" / 10.4cm                   4.6" / 11.7cm                       5.0" / 12.7cm
L              17.4" / 44.2cm               4.5" / 11.4cm                       5.0" / 12.7cm                   5.0" / 12.7cm
XL          18.2"/ 46.3cm               5.0" / 12.7cm                           5.5" / 14.0cm                   5.5" / 14.0cm

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