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Zep Powder Fresh Aerosol Meter Mist Fragrance Case of 12 AX1860

12 Cans of Brand New Zep Powder Fresh Aerosol for use in Meter Mist Automatic Dispensing Systems. Each aerosol treats 6,000 cubic feet of closed air space with 3,000 sprays for approximately 30-day coverage. Manufacturer Part Number: 3282. Flat Rate Shipping on Zep Disinfectants & Deodorants. Click on MSDS Logo for Material Safety Data Sheet.

Price $137.84

Zep Powder Fresh Aerosol Meter Mist Fragrance Case of 12

Zep Meter Mist Aerosols

The Zep line of Meter Mist aerosols has long been a favorite of Zep's customers. These highly concentrated odor conunteractants work effectively to fight the malodors arising from most sources. The Meter Mist aerosols are designed specifically for use in the Zep 3000 Plus and 3000 Select automatic dispensing systems, which provide metered sprays of the aerosol fragrances over a user-selected time period- up to 90 days from one can.Our customers are so consistently loyal to our wide selection of pleasant, long-lasting fragrances that many of our sales are to repeat customers. In addition, many of our new Meter Mist customers come from "word-of-mouth" referrals on our aerosol fragrances.Try one of these distinctive aerosol fragrances and experience the Zep Meter Mist difference! Your employees and customers will thank you!

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