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Zep Antartica Ice Melt AX1115

Zep Antartica Ice Melt. 50 Pound Bag of brand New Zep Antarctica Ice Melt. Unlike some deicers, Zep Ice Melters work to preserve vegetation and pland life when used as directed. Available: Single 50 Pound Bag, 49 50 Pound Bag Pallet. Manufacturer Part Number: 356601/49. Flat Rate Shipping on Zep Cleaning Products and Lubricants. Click on MSDS Logo for Material Safety Data Sheet.

Zep Antartica Ice Melt


Zep Ice Melter Advantages:

  • Fast Action: Zep Ice Melters combine the most effective deicing blends, creating the desired reaction to initiate deicing and meltdown.
  • Health & Safety: Zep Ice Melters are safer to handle without protective clothing. They do not dry out or irritate skin.
  • Non-Tracking: When properly dispensed, Zep Ice Melters minimize tracking on floors and carpets.
  • Safer Ice Melter: Zep Ice Melters go after the ice and snow; clearing the way to safety. Zep Ice Melters provide safer, no slip protection on steps, sidewalks and driveways.
  • Environmentally Formulated: Natur's own ingredients are combined for just the right formula. Unlike some deicers, Zep Ice Melters work to preserve "vegetation and plant life" when used as directed. With Zep Ice Melters, there is no slimy residue being tracked in, making clean up virtually non-existant.
  • Easily Dispersed & Extended Shelf Life: Zep Ice Melters are specially formulated with an anti-caking agent to allow for free-flowing dispersion.
  • Visually Measured: Not only will you see the quick action of Zep Ice Melters, specially coated with a highly visible color indicator, going to work on the snow and ice, these products will allow the precise spreading to ensure cost-effective dispersion.
  • Premium Formulated
  • Melts to Extreme Temperatures 
  • Fast Acting, Long Lasting 
  • Highly Visible Green Indicator
  • Safer to Handle
  • Won't Leave Oily Resiude that can be Tracked onto Carpets & Floors'

-Flat Rate UPS Shipping

-Sales tax applied if you are in: NY

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